Thursday, August 19, 2010


simply hopeless for repeating the same mistakes;
Well, it doesn't make a difference actually, in fact it won't give much impact, i am still living...
just don't repeat it for another time...

Monday, August 2, 2010


we are never alone living in this world, every people are related to each other, everything we do is influencing others, either directly or indirectly, with or without your intention ;
therefore it had been a responsible for human beings to serve each other, to help each other;
that's why we are divided into different professions, and we have our own role as a part of the world, so that we can serve others in a field while others will serve us back in any other fields;
This had been a mutual relationship between human beings since our existence, and this mutual relationship had taken a big role in survival and development of human's civilization;
That's the reason we lived, we are living for the world, not ourselves alone;
so, no matter who you are, or what you do,
REMEMBER, we are not doing this for ourselves, but for everyone else;
we may get benefits for serving others, but, REMEMBER, the benefits shall never be the main reason for us to do whatever we are doing, serving others is always the main part, benefits come afterwards, DO NOT make your priorities confused;
people living for themselves alone are pity, since they are lost, selfish , and foolish. They never really knew their purpose of living, they never grow, they are just a burden of the world. They may own everything, but had never realized it will be all gone one day. they may seemed happy and elated, but they never knew the real happiness.

However, while serving others, never ignore yourselves. we are neither superman nor superwoman, we need to live on, we should get what we deserve to get, so that we could continue to serve others..

we are living for ourselves, and to serve others..
get a balance between this two..