Monday, March 5, 2012

men are from mars, women are from venus

Once upon a time, men lived on mars... they are a group of arrogant people, ambitious people, smart people, they work hard, developing all kinds of hi-tech stuff, they always see achieving success in their work is the main part of a meaningful life.
One day, the mars people invented a telescope, and they discovered venus. They saw the people in venus, called women. The Venus people are so different, they are elegant, artistic, sensitive to every finest and beautiful thing, relationships with other people is wat they consider as meaning of life.
The mars people were so excited, they have never seen such thing in their life, their natural instinct of adventuring and discovering drives them mad. Thus, the mars people quickly invented a spaceship and travel to venus. Upon arrival on Venus, the Mars and Venus people met, and they mixed up better than expected. They are so amazed by the character of each other which is absent in themselves, which made them fit each other like a lock and a key. They were so happy to meet each other thus they decided to live together. So, the mars people brought the venus people into their spaceship, and travel to a new planet called earth.
Time passed days after days, the mars and venus people live together peacefully in earth, they were so used to the presence of each other, until they forgot their own origin, where they came from different planet. Since then, the Mars people expect the venus people to think logically like they do, while the venus people expect the mars people to be as sentimental as they do. They found that they don't understand each other anymore, they do not fit in each other anymore, thus there were no peace anymore... They were complaining about each other all the time.
people from two planet, difference is always there, no matter how long they lived together. Key to maintain the peace or happiness, is never to eliminate the difference, but is to live with the difference. you are who you are, you shall never change and you are not able to change, otherwise, you are losing yourself. Accept the difference of each other, accomodate for each other. In fact, from the beginning, it was the difference that attracts people from two planet together... Learning to accept and enjoy the difference, you'll discover how well the difference can fit two people in, like a lock and a key...

(Gray, 1992)