Tuesday, May 29, 2012

points to ponder

a strong man would take his strength for granted, as he has been strong for too long, thus he can only perceive the value of strength if he had been weak before.

a rich men would squander his wealth, as he never know how hard to obtain them and what they can do, thus he can only perceive the value of wealth if he had been poor before.

a healthy man would do everything that spoil his body, because he had never felt the pain and suffering of a sick man, thus he can only perceive the value of health if he had been sick before

a man would not apprecited his loved ones, because he never experience the emptiness and loneliness for losing them, thus he can only know how much he love someone, if he had or nearly lost his loved ones

a man would pursue vanity, which is seducing but temporary, throughout his life, ignoring the true meaning of life which is eternal, or even refuse to find it, as he had forgotten he'll be dead one day, and none of the vanity would stay or follow, thus a man can only perceive the value of life, if he had returned from the gate of death.