Thursday, January 24, 2013

it feels bad you mean nothing to someone who means a lot to you. But who shall get the blame? it's nobody's fault. Just be honest, be sure about it, it's either yes or no, there is no inbetween. because if you cant say a sure no, i doubt your yes,i don't want that.

Saturday, January 5, 2013


because you can't even admitt that u love me, because i wonder what would have happen if someone else told you he loves you too, because you are still hoping for a better one, because i can be replaced if others work harder than me, because i don't want you to make a promise as result after balancing the pros and cons, because i don't u to have no choice but to stay with me just because of the stupid promise made, because i don't want to be a choice made upon the bounded rationality concept, because u don't feel bad when i am absent or want to walk away, you don't need me, because u are not willing to or perhaps afraid to let me noe ur everything and every thought, because you don't even bother to know my everything and every thought, because i feel so stupid thet you are my all while i am not your all, because you can just leave what i've given to you away, because u can even use the reason that you don't want to hurt me to reject me, which i still can't understand the logic behind till now, because you don't believe me and now i start to found it hard to believe you too, because you don't even bother to correct me when any of these are wrong, because you should have known honesty and is the best thing you could give me, because you are not willing to take any step forward no matter how many steps i had taken. because i just cant get away from this shit even i tried, perhaps time will tell