Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Keep and throw

Choices have to be made, one person cant own too many things, one person cant be so greedy. There stages in life that you shall not restrict yourself to anything, there is no such thing as exposure to too much things, as everyone is still discovering their path. However, there is a time where people shall move into a stage that choices have to be made, and certain things have to be given up, as life goes on, things are getting harder and no one can handle too much things at the same time, pick those you have the most passion and ability. Seems i extend the discovery stage too long, in fact, i delayed the stages. While people were discovering, i closed myself; when it is time to start making choices, i was just starting to discover. Well, it's time to gave up something, or else i can't reach both ends.
Make choices on things, not people. Appreciate every person that entered your life, never have any thought on choosing who to stay, who to leave, even if they hurt you, because it will never goes your way. No one can act the way you desire always, everyone makes mistakes, no one could stay in your life forever, every friends have a day to part, but the relations always stay, if u never choose to eliminate them. Never choose who to help, help anyone as long as you have the ability to and it's the right thing. People may not give a return, people may not appreciate your deed, people may turn their back on you, but those never hurt, it was your expectation that hurts.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

can i kill myself?

Tai ChU hOng!!! What are you doing!!! You think you're so good?!! you think you don't need to work hard? How are you going to live with an attitude like that? When are you going to learn? When are you going to change? When are you going to throw your pride away? I felt like slapping you to death.... please... don't behave like that anymore... you're not a kid anymore, time to take life seriously...