Tuesday, June 11, 2013

zzz... please make clear of the situation. If you think i still have a feeling on you and you are trying your best to keep away from me, , just save your energy. In fact do you remember it was me the one who want to cut it clear with you. Perhaps previously i am still trying to move on, but now, you are totally clear of my mind. Never the less, i wanna re-emphasize, the root of the problem is never you don't love me or reject me, it was you being dishonest, it was always this issue. but seems you never understand no matter how many times i tell. you are thinking that i was begging for your love, and any lack of that will hurt me so much, and make my life miserable, because i am too serious and u are pro in relationships.. ==, sweat... please la... u think i really cant live without you? ya, i wanted your love so bad that time, and i would not accept if you dont love me only, but its better that u tell the truth that u are still considering, and admitt that there are others trying directly or indirectly, and you may put them in consideration as well, rather than hiding it. don't say u scare it would hurt me, it don't, ur lies will, and actually you are just afraid people would think you are cheap if you tell the truth. If you need the feeling of being liked by others for your self-esteem, i felt pity for you... You don't need that, you are better than that.

anyway its all past, everyone makes mistakes. again, i wanna RE-EMPHASIZE, i am not telling this because i still having hope on you. Even if you knee down in front me begging me to accept you again now, i wont accept that. Not that i hate you, it's because what past is past. I believe every miserable mistakes shall end up with admitting the truth by one side, while forgiveness given by another. I had admitted my mistakes, and i had forgiven for what u did to me, i had done my part, i think its ur turn. if you dun wanna forgive never mind, but dun you think you shall admitt ur mistakes, or maybe u think u r not wrong, u shall tell the real truth, so that i know i dun deserve to forgive? or at least for you own conscience?

you know me. i am just that kind of person who believes in the untold truth, not what is shown outside, so please dont blame me for being annoying. at least i still appreciate you as a friend, a human being. anyway, sorry if there are harsh words, i dont have any hard feeling, i just dun like to purposely use nice words so that it wont bends from what i wanna tell, i wanna bring it in a nice way, but found no better words

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  1. perhaps she cant bear some of your weakpoint and she cant tell... try to change some of your weakpoint